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Writer's Block: All-Nighter [
June 28, 2009
When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?

The last time I stayed up all night was my graduation night.
The ceremony went by so fast, and we were all at American Indoor Karting in an instant.
Danny Floyd, Morgan Stephens, Micah Turbitt, and John Wykner plus another 50 kids, and that was all of us.
We spent the entire night on the tracks, acquiring the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber.
Me and Morgan enjoyed our view of the cute flag guy named Jesse and Micah, who looked awesome in a motorcylce helmet.
Before we knew it, it was five in the morning, and we had to take our last chances on the track before leaving for the school.
The bus ride back to the high school was quiet - almost everyone had passed out in the bus seats - all except me and Micah, exchanging silly text messages from three seats away.
Once back at the school, everyone fell into the lecture room chairs and passed out once again as the teachers called out raffle prizes. I won a microwave, Danny a DVD player and coffee maker, Micah - a desk lamp.
Carly Miller won a bike, and she let me ride it around the halls in the school, where I almost collided with another girl on a bike.
We walked outside and it was cloudy and hazy, about to rain, and I started my car after Micah helped me with the microwave. When I got home, I fell asleep on top of my bed. It was the first time I had slept in over 24 hours.
Eventually, I forced myself to get up and went over to Nick Hendrix's house where he made me breakfast.
It was one of the best nights I've ever had.
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December 28, 2008
On the 23rd Bryan and I have been dating for a year.

I couldn't be happier :]
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October 21, 2008
It's been a year since Bryan and I started hanging out.

where has the time gone?
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July 24, 2008
VincentCason (12:14:46 AM): but it is the best ever its this hole-in-the-wall-bar next to the kmart on first colonial
emo kid 4579 (12:15:20 AM): hahahaha
VincentCason (12:15:20 AM): REAL SHADY place
VincentCason (12:15:22 AM): hahah
emo kid 4579 (12:15:50 AM): thats the best description ever. REALLY makes me wanna go there with all the shady hooligans that loiter there.
VincentCason (12:16:09 AM): oh i just love places like those
VincentCason (12:16:30 AM): the toilets in the guys room dont have doors on the stalls
VincentCason (12:16:36 AM): the ladies do tho
emo kid 4579 (12:16:56 AM): hahahaha oh my god. I once went to a rest stop in like Arizona that had no doors whatsoever
emo kid 4579 (12:17:09 AM): my grandma stood in the doorway for me haha. I was like 9
VincentCason (12:17:14 AM): hahah nice
emo kid 4579 (12:17:36 AM): it was pretty though - they spent so much money on mosaics they couldnt afford doors
VincentCason (12:17:47 AM): hahah fo real?
emo kid 4579 (12:20:37 AM): seriously..
emo kid 4579 (12:21:59 AM): then there was the one in the mountains that was like an outhouse with a neverending hole.
VincentCason (12:22:18 AM): you have gone to some weird ass places
VincentCason (12:22:20 AM): hahaha
emo kid 4579 (12:23:33 AM): ohhh yess.
VincentCason (12:24:36 AM): but i will go to weirder places than you in my life
VincentCason (12:24:37 AM): haha
emo kid 4579 (12:24:55 AM): maybe. I plan to travel and photograph the world.
VincentCason (12:25:25 AM): well im headed to japan ASAP and im going to be a groupie for ORESKABAND!
emo kid 4579 (12:25:48 AM): haahahaha
emo kid 4579 (12:25:55 AM): can males be groupies?
VincentCason (12:26:09 AM): if the band members are female
VincentCason (12:26:14 AM): or gay haha
emo kid 4579 (12:26:29 AM): haha but oreskaband is all females...right?
VincentCason (12:26:35 AM): YES!
VincentCason (12:26:47 AM): DO YOU NOT KNO OF ORESKABAND?!
emo kid 4579 (12:27:25 AM): Ive seen the pictures :]
VincentCason (12:27:34 AM): mine?
emo kid 4579 (12:27:42 AM): si
VincentCason (12:28:08 AM): that was the absolute happiest moment of my life
VincentCason (12:28:10 AM): haha
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drive [
June 13, 2008
 On my drive home today from the dive shop, it all kind of hit me.
Only one more year of this drive. This road. This county.

Then Im off to Asheboro.

The thought is close to scary.
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January 5, 2008
 Bryan and I started dating on the 23rd.

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November 9, 2007
hmmm .
not even a month.

Zach asked me back out on the 14th, and dumped me on the 8th.

I lauged.
I cried.

Im fine. :] 
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October 16, 2007
Zach asked me back  out October 14th

I said yes <3
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October 12, 2007

Ive waited 2 months

how much longer will this take?

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September 13, 2007
so  - I like Aidan.
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by the way [
August 21, 2007
it was official August 10th.

me and Zach are broken up.
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Vincent Cason [
August 21, 2007
emo kid 4579 (12:09:37 AM): I think Im just going to the beach Thurs ha
VincentCason (12:10:27 AM): well youll be tan wen we get back to school
and imma be pale as hell
emo kid 4579 (12:10:53 AM): haha my tan is already fadingt
VincentCason (12:11:45 AM): o well just dont fake-n-bake those ultra-tan year-round girls are weird
emo kid 4579 (12:12:03 AM): I knoww. I get really really REALLY pale though in the winter haha
VincentCason (12:12:50 AM): dude im always realy realy REALY pale year round
emo kid 4579 (12:12:54 AM): haha
VincentCason (12:13:29 AM): even when i stay out side all the time
emo kid 4579 (12:13:40 AM): haha aww. it just takes me all summer to get a good tan
VincentCason (12:14:35 AM): mayby im just too ADHD to sit and one spot to let the sun make you darker
emo kid 4579 (12:14:47 AM): hahaha. I hate sitting on the beach and tanning. Im always in the water
VincentCason (12:15:27 AM): ya me too even tho i always get my face smashed into the sand
VincentCason (12:15:32 AM): ha
emo kid 4579 (12:15:37 AM): hahahaha ME TOO
VincentCason (12:16:22 AM): one time i almost broke my nose!
emo kid 4579 (12:17:04 AM): eghhh. I just get all scraped up. but I like it :] haha it makes my legs look interesting when thers like fragments of shells sticking out of them
VincentCason (12:18:19 AM): that may be the strangest thing anybodys ever said to me about eating shit at the beach
emo kid 4579 (12:18:22 AM): hahaha
VincentCason (12:18:28 AM): haha
emo kid 4579 (12:18:47 AM): everyones like OMG what happened to your legs?!!? and I just smile and say, well I went to the beach today
emo kid 4579 (12:19:12 AM): and I look like a total idiot at the beach cause I constantly fall in a wave and come up with like sand and rocks in my hair
emo kid 4579 (12:19:15 AM): but its funn :]
VincentCason (12:20:00 AM): i usualy have the smae conversation but its about me climbing some random thing or building
emo kid 4579 (12:20:04 AM): hahah
VincentCason (12:20:36 AM): like tonite i snuck into a vineyard and stole lotssa grapes with my friend brandon
VincentCason (12:20:38 AM): hahaha
VincentCason (12:20:42 AM): it was fun
emo kid 4579 (12:20:50 AM): hahaha
VincentCason (12:21:16 AM): i did it last nite too
emo kid 4579 (12:21:31 AM): I bet that was alot of fun
VincentCason (12:22:00 AM): it was the truck drove up and we hid like vaggabonds!
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July 31, 2007

I had a dream last night we
drove out to see Las Vegas
We lost ourselves in the bright lights

I wish you could've seen us.

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lessons [
July 2, 2007

I learned how to surf.

I spent the day with Liz in the OBX, and I met her friend Justin, and both of them taught me.

I had so much fun with them, hopefully we can all hang out again.

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365 days [
May 29, 2007
[ mood | tired ]

Me and Zach have been together for 1 year today.


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home movies [
May 6, 2007
[ mood | blank ]

I just watched a VHS of my family's Christmas of '99.

I wonder if it makes my father sad because we're not like we were when we were little kids.
We've grown up.

I know it makes me sad.

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April 30, 2007
I love him so much.

11 months, 1 day.
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Virginia Tech Massacre [
April 17, 2007
[ mood | blank ]

I still cannot believe yesterday marked the deadliest shooting in U.S. history.

I'm still in shock how a psycho let loose on Virginia Tech students/teachers, killing 33 - including himself - and injuring 20 some more.

Today, they identified him as Cho Sueng Hai - a 23 year old student from South Korea. He had used a semi-automatic Glock and a semi-automatic 9mm handgun, both bought legally.
Around 7:15am, he killed two students in Ambler Johnson Hall, a dormitory. Then, two hours later, he went into the engineering building, Norris Hall, and shot 30 more people, all in different locations. As the police reached the floor he was on, he shot himself.

I watched CNN when I arrived home from school, where they had released photos and names of some of the kids and teachers who had died. These kids were in one of the top engineering schools in the country - they could have changed the world - but their lives were cut short by a sick, fucked up kid.

Students who had had classes with Cho sent in letters to CNN telling how he was very quiet and didnt have alot of friends. Kids who were in his writing class described his stories/plays as "morbid", "twisted", and "grotesque...macabre". 

I was at Northwest getting my urine tested for a urinary tract infection when Fox News came on about the shootings. The first thing that came to my mind was Nick Hendrix. He had always wanted to go there.

James Crewz was standing in line for lunch when he overheard a gothic girl in front of him talking to a friend of hers, saying she would love to bring a gun to school and shoot some kids. He turned to her and said, "Please, dont." but I think she hardly acknowledged him. 

I was talking to Way in Maryland who said he was really surprised to see that it was and Asian kid (Way is Asian) and that it proves anyone is capable of doing this, anywhere.

I had been texting Myles Harris about it all when I said, "I dont know why it bothers me so much...I know it was an awful and painful, but Im not even directly connected to VTech...and yet I sit and watch CNN and want to cry."
He replied with, "I know. It's called sympathy. It's good that you have this because that means you're human."
That statement made my day. I am human, yet, why do so many humans create such chaos?
Thirty-two innocent people died yesterday, one man had survived the holocaust, only to be shot a psycho who decided to act out one of his fucked up plays. 
What kind of human does this?
Thirty-two. That is more than twice the amount of people who were shot at Columbine and the University of Texas.
Thirty-two human lives were lost yesterday.

I can only hope no one who graduated from my school was a fatality.

What has happened to today's world?
The words VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE still dont register in my mind. Its so...surreal. Did this really happen?
No one can explain this senseless violence.

Virginia Tech R.I.P. <3

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January 21, 2007
I was browsing around on prompt_a_day...

These sleepless nights with blazing lights, they make my head spin.
I lay awake in bed and think about the nights I spent in Jeremy's beat up truck. Just the three of us, Zach Jeremy and I.
I never felt more infinite with them. Everything always felt so right with the windows down, driving up 168 to Virginia Beach.
It was never boring. Something interesting always happened, like the time we had to have Art and Daffron sit in the back and drive all the way down to the opposite end of the county in 30 degree weather.

I will complete soon enough...
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oh, the humanity [
August 23, 2006
[ mood | Im sick of this scene ]

oh, the insanity.

School hasnt even started and there's already drama.


Im not even involved with it, but my friends are and at the moment I want to strangle them.

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